"I won't have a long time with them, aren't they just going to die on me?“

Shelter volunteers and overall animal lovers have heard some variation of this phrase when suggesting senior dogs, aged between 6 and 10+, for adoption. Seniors are overlooked on the assumption that their life is over or that younger dogs make better companions.

This series reminds us that age doesn’t matter when it comes to the love a dog has to give or their quality of life. Personality, potential, and possibility exist in every shelter animal if they are given the chance.

Whether taken from an abusive situation, brought in after the death of an owner, or simply returned for being “too old,” there are a lot of reasons why senior dogs end up in shelters. But this project is not about their past, it’s about their future with you.

Diana Weisman, Art director and series creator partnered with photographer Julia Comita and prop stylist Sasha Flimlin to produce this project. An incredible all-female crew of creatives and volunteers donated their time to bring it to life. All dogs are currently up for adoption at Second Chance Rescue.


Sydney Pensky, Mariam Bahawdory, Maria Vaz, Nico Shears, Jennifer Brooks, Jonnette Marzigliano, Denise Diaz, Anna Zagzag, Jeanne Weisman 

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